Professional Advisors

As a professional financial advisor and/or estate planner, do you have a relationship with your local community foundation?

If you don’t, we encourage you to begin building that relationship today.




And if you already are in the community foundation network, Keep 5 Local hopes you will encourage your clients to consider designating 5% of their personal wealth for community development philanthropy.

Not only will your community benefit, but your clients will as well.

Establishing a fund with a community foundation can help to counterbalance potential tax consequences by providing immediate tax deductions while at the same time offering your clients the peace of mind and satisfaction that comes with making a charitable contribution to their community.

Community development philanthropy allows your clients to structure their gifts for the future without sacrificing the comforts they enjoy today. Keep 5 Local also will help clients preserve their estates and reduce or possibly even avoid estate taxes or the capital gains taxes.

Your local community foundation can help you and your clients by offering giving options, suggested legal language for bequests and other gifts to make it easy for your clients to Keep 5 Local.