Keep 5 Local

In West Virginia, we know what it means to work hard, overcome economic obstacles and rise above expectations. We have created an incredible quality of life for many, but some inequalities still remain.

That being said, this does not have to be the case for West Virginia.

Imagine a life where the ever-present economic barriers hindering progress and development vanished. Picture a future where communities are able to offer all the amenities their residents want and still have resources left for a rainy day.

At Keep 5 Local, we are confident this dream can become a reality with your help.

For more than 100 years, West Virginians  have generated wealth from business, industry and natural resources. We want to keep at least 5% of that wealth within the state so the hard work of our citizens can be part of West Virginia’s future.

To make this happen, Keep 5 Local is encouraging West Virginians to collaborate with their community foundation and establish funds that will make an everlasting impact.

Preserving 5% of the state’s worth can translate to millions, if not billions, in permanent charitable funds that can support West Virginia’s future citizens and community development.

Everyone can be a philanthropist and create a legacy for future generations. Do you want to Keep 5 Local? We can help.